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1 make or work out a plan for; devise; "They contrived to murder their boss"; "design a new sales strategy"; "plan an attack" [syn: plan, project, design]
2 come up with (an idea, plan, explanation, theory, or priciple) after a mental effort; "excogitate a way to measure the speed of light" [syn: invent, devise, excogitate, formulate, forge]
3 put or send forth; "She threw the flashlight beam into the corner"; "The setting sun threw long shadows"; "cast a spell"; "cast a warm light" [syn: project, cast, throw]

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Middle English contreve, "to invent", Old French controver (French controuver), from trover (French trouver), "to find".



  1. To form by an exercise of ingenuity; to devise; to invent; to design; to plan.
  2. To make devices; to form designs; to plan; to scheme; to plot.
    • 1813, Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice, Modern Library Edition (1995), page 154
      ...I cannot bear the idea of two young women traveling post by themselves. It is highly improper. You must contrive to send somebody.

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Contrive are a heavy metal band from Melbourne, Australia formed in 1999 and signed to Shock Records. Their musical style has been compared to that of Sepultura.
The band consists of bassist Tim Stahlmann and twin brothers Paul Haug (vocals, guitars) and Andrew Haug (drums). Andrew Haug is perhaps better known as the host of the weekly Triple J metal radio program Full Metal Racket.
The band have performed extensively since their inception and include three performances at the (now defunct) Metal For The Brain festival as well as opening slots for overseas bands which include Sepultura, Mayhem, Machine Head and Destruction.


The Meaning Unseen (Shock) 2005
Prosper (EP) (self release) 2003
Finally (EP) (self release) 2001

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angle, arrange, be so, be such, beget, breed, bring, bring forth, bring into being, bring on, calculate, call forth, call into being, cast, clear, clear the hurdle, cogitate, coin, collogue, collude, come along, come on, come out, come through, conceive, concert, concoct, connive, conspire, cook up, cut out, cut the mustard, design, develop, devise, discover, draw down, draw on, dream up, effect, elaborate, elicit, engender, engineer, evoke, evolve, fabricate, fare, fashion, figure, finagle, forecast, formulate, frame, generate, gerrymander, get, get along, get by, get on, give being to, give rise to, go along, go on, hack it, handle, hatch, hatch up, improvise, induce, inspire, instigate, intend, intrigue, invent, jockey, lay plans, lead, machinate, make, make a projection, make arrangements, make do with, make it, make out, make the grade, make up, manage, manage somehow, maneuver, manipulate, manufacture, mature, methodize, mint, motivate, move, muddle through, negotiate, obtain, organize, originate, play games, plot, prearrange, procreate, procure, program, project, provoke, pull strings, put over, put through, rationalize, rig, schedule, schematize, scheme, scrape along, set up, shape, shape up, spawn, stack up, strike out, succeed in, superinduce, swing, swing the deal, systematize, think out, think up, turn out, vamp up, wangle, work out, work up, worry along
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